Available Services

Please note this section is only for those wishing to use our Author Services. Authors taken on by our imprint Little Goblins’ Books are exempt from charges.

Editorial Services

Editorial Reports

Our editorial report examines basic elements such as grammar, sentence structure, and word usage. The report will also analyse and provide recommendations for the following elements of your manuscript:

  • Plot structure
  • Pace and suspense
  • Character development  ( analysis of 2 main characters in-depth, supporting character overview highlighting strengths and weaknesses)
  • Dialogue
  • Setting
  • Themes

Once you’ve made the  suggested changes to your manuscript, send the revised draft to us: we’ll give you a one-page analysis of the changes. This lets you know which elements of your story might benefit from a slight tweak.

Interim reads

Perfect for authors who have made revisions. Consists of a single page report and an optional google hangout to further discuss alterations.

Content Editing

We specialise in Britain and it’s history for this particular service. Is your novel set elsewhere but you still wish to use our service? Please get in touch and we shall talk you through our process working with our friendly freelancers.


Please email for a quote. Manuscripts are priced on word length. See our prices section for a rough guide and payment options.

Submissions Package

Includes unlimited reworking of your submissions cover letter, synopsis, and opening 3 chapters.

Virtual Assistant Services

Currently offering support across social media platforms of your choice. This service includes posting an agreed number of times a day/week on your chosen platform, maintenance of your Facebook fan page, or creating one if you don’t already have a page, replying to fan comments etc.

If you have a particular VA service in mind that has not been mentioned above then please drop us an email detailing your request.