Paperback copy of Bernie’s Christmas Conundrum by Sandra McDougal

With no chimney and a locked front door, little Bernie wonders if Santa cannot visit anymore. Join Bernie and his family as they explore the magic of Christmas following Santa’s wondrous journey. Price includes P&P





Preorder your copy of Glub by Samantha Webb

Poor Glub is stuck in the crane at an amusement arcade, dreaming of life outside but he has been too scared to take that leap of faith. Glub knows that he doesn’t look like the other smiley teddies that surround him and he knows that he is a little bit scary but that is all about to change when someone is brave enough to see just how friendly Glub is. Price includes P&P



Preorder you paperback copy of Crash! Bang! “Ooooooo”

Join Rabbit as he travels around the globe trialing different sports as he attempts to succeed at winning a trophy in the Animal Olympics. Price includes P&P





Order- Paperback copy of Little Goblin & the Mysterious Case of the Missing Cucumbers

Little Goblin has lived peacefully on Farmer Teds farm for two years without ever being caught. But with his craving for cucumbers growing by the day, and the farmers prized crops mysteriously vanishing can the two continue to live side by side? Publication date 18/04/2018



Paperback copy of The Untold Story of Dinosaur School by Poppy Chase

Is it possible that we can learn something from prehistoric animals, especially when they are not getting along with each other? Follow these dinosaurs into an imaginative world, where solving problems is everybody’s business.