Our Authors


Sherry Christie; Author of The Orangutan with a Big Chip on his Shoulder and Crash! Bang! “Oooooo”

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Sherry is originally from Buckinghamshire UK but loved her childhood holidays in Cornwall so much she moved there as soon as she was able. She now lives in beautiful North Cornwall by the sea with Jon, their 4 children, a cat called Tolly and one very naughty dog called Penny.

Sherry has a degree in Criminology with Psychology including Child Psychology and spent many years volunteering in preschools and youth groups and working with children on the Autistic spectrum.

Her books are fun lively stories that aim to promote confidence and kindness. She is passionate about wildlife and animals and all things witchy and magical.When not writing, Sherry will usually be found looking after her garden and the birds that visit, exploring in the woods or lazing on the beach.

Publication date to be confirmed.
Sandra McDougal; Author of Little Goblin & the Mysterious Case of the Missing Cucumbers

Little Goblin has lived peacefully on Farmer Teds farm for two years without ever being caught. But with his craving for cucumbers growing by the day, and the farmers prized crops mysteriously vanishing can the two continue to live side by side?

Available now.

Poppy Chase; Author of The Untold Story of Dinosaur School

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Poppy Chase lives with her husband and yellow lab Tucker in Southern California. Having previously worked as an elementary campus administrator and classroom teacher, she has been committed to providing relevant and relational learning adventures for her students. Reading widely across the curriculum, from math to science to social skills, have been a regular part of her daily planning. Now, it is her joy to share a story with you.

Her debut novel The Untold Story of Dinosaur School is now available.